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Is Your Toyota Tercel Due For An Engine Rebuild?

People have different opinions about the Toyota Tercel. Some absolutely hated this car while others liked it, not because of it’s features but because it is reliable.

Do you own one or are you eyeing to buy one for yourself?

As a used car, Toyota Tercels are great. They won’t cost too much and they can take you from one destination to another. Just don’t expect too much because they may not look as flashy or go as fast as other sports cars even when you modify it.

The Nostalgic Car

Nevertheless, many have grown into loving this car because it is a great first car to own. Just like me, many of you may have fond memories of using this car back in our college days.

Thanks to it, we have unforgettable stories we tell when it gets stalled in the middle of nowhere. But hey, we survived and it takes us back to all those fun memories.

Just like other cars, the reliable Toyota Tercel can be worn out too. One of the things you may need for this vehicle is an engine rebuild.

Why You Should Rebuild The Engine

Engine rebuild is done primarily due to two reasons. First is the wear of the engine bearings and the second one is due to a problem with the piston rings seating.

The bearings on the engine allow the moving parts to move freely. To lessen the friction, the engine oil lubricates the bearings. The bearings are made to last and could perform well even after thousands of miles of travel. However, they may still eventually be worn out. If the car is not properly maintained, the wear and tear of the bearings is exponentially accelerated. One way to notice that the bearings are worn is by hearing a loud knocking sound.

As with piston rings, they could also be worn down. When this happens, they cannot efficiently seal the cylinders. This is also known as a “blow-by”, which happens when the crankcase oil escapes because of the worn out rings. The oil is burned in the cylinder with the fuel mixture and also produces excessive smoke in the exhaust.

What Happens In An Engine Rebuild?

In order to rebuild and restore the engine so that it works well again, there are a few things that happen. The first one is the removal of the lower half of the engine. This part is passed to the shop where it gets disassembled and cleaned. There, it also gets assessed about it’s current condition.

With an engine rebuild, the internal parts of the engine could be replaced depending on their condition. Some of those that may need replacement are the bearings, piston rings, and sometimes the pistons.

Along with the checking of the internal parts, the cylinders are reconditioned as well. This helps make sure that the new piston rings can seal it properly. Afterwards, the engine is reassembled then placed back into the vehicle.

Do You Need An Engine Rebuild?

Oil Consumption And White Exhaust

There are a few signs that tell you that the engine already needs to be rebuilt. One of the most common ones is the unusual oil consumption. Along with this is the white color of the exhaust.

When the piston rings are worn out, oil gets into the cylinders where the fuel mixture is burned. Oil in the cylinders will produce a white exhaust. If oil is being burned, there is a huge chance that there isn’t enough to properly lubricate the engine.

Knocking Sound

A banging or knocking sound is indicative of engine bearings that are not properly lubricated. When this happens often, they will get worn out, damaged and fail. As they fail, you’d hear more of the knocking noise. Once the bearings completely fail, the engine will stop working.

Presence Metal Flakes In Engine Oil

Whenever you change the oil in your car, you should also take a look at the oil you removed before disposing of it. Metal flaked on the oil indicates that you already need an engine rebuild.

Metal flakes mean that there is friction between the metal parts, which should not happen in a properly lubricated and properly functioning engine.

Sometimes, the cause of the metal on the oil is warped parts. When they are of different shape, they won’t fit well and move cohesively with the other parts. That causes the metal friction between the engine parts and produces the metal flakes.


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