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10 Reasons Why The Toyota Tercel Is A Great Car

It’s been more than two decades since the last Toyota Tercel was ever produced. However, even if the production of such a vehicle has long been stopped, it is still one of the most-loved vehicles. The Toyota Tercel… Read More

Toyota Tercel MKII At A Personal Collection In California

Toyota Tercel MK2 Driver And Mechanics’ Review

A Tercel probably won’t be winning any drag races,  but ask any mechanic and they’ll tell you about their begrudging respect for the Toyota Tercels of yester-year. Lucky for us, we have a bonafide auto mechanic, tow truck… Read More

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Toyota Tercel: The Last Of The 4-Speed Cars

There was a time when you could add plus points to your cool factor by simply owning a car with a four-on-the-floor. For decades every cool guy had to have a 4-speed manual transmission car. Every known car… Read More